Dément is a duo of french creators born in the 90’s : Chloé and Mathilde.
We met at school in 2012. Today Chloé is a furniture and interior designer in Stockholm, while Mathilde is a visual artist and graphic designer in Réunion Island.

Dément is a side project, where we allow our creativity to wander, and give life to designed accesories that we want to wear, thinking that other people might like it too.

“1000 points to Gryffindor “ as soon as Chloé finds a hidden gem deeply nested in an antique dealer stand. Since she can’t hardly bear jewels, the alternative was then obviously found, metallic nugget pinned on garment, far from being a mere vanity, deliberate expression of versatile spirits : to Chloé pin has always been reflection of the soul.

A pin is for Mathilde the smallest piece of personality : a concentrate of style and the detail that can sublime an outfit. It’s also the smallest souvenir she could gather from her travels : precious trophies of beloved moments and amazing places that she will probably never see again.

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© Dément